I come from a very big family. Most of which are now children below 17. I am halfway done with my lifetime. And what I have to say here, I want my kids to remember and learn from.

Throughout my travels, I was lucky enough to enjoy what EARTH has to offer such as the beautiful beaches in the Philippines, the alps in Switzerland, the canyons of Arizona and many more.

What this blog is all about is how I want the EARTH to still be alive and beautiful for all children to see and enjoy.

Al Gore's The Inconvenient Truth has opened up many realizations about how our planet is slowly dying. Facts and figures, statistics and studies have shown the rapid and destructive effects of global warming.

After I watched the film and the live talk of Al Gore here in Manila, I didn't want to go home and still do nothing.

Here's a journal of what I and other people close to me are doing to stop Global Warming. Please feel free to share your story thru this blog site.

Be GREENified!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make a Difference, Plant a Tree with Me!

It's been a while since Al Gore's visit to Manila and even if I have stopped asking for plastic bags from grocery store, even if I asked my girls to sleep in my room to conserve energy and even if I have been collecting all the fit n right plastic bottles to be made into something useful, I still feel that I should do more.

So, thankfully, I met Zarah and with our collaboration, I was given the opportunity to gather 100 people to plant 1000 trees in a 4,000 sq/m lot in Mt. Makiling. That's 10 trees each volunteer which isn't really much compared to the waste that each person produces in a year.

On July 24, 2010, 6 am - 2 pm, there will be a bus to take us to Mt. Makiling, have a snack along the way, plant 5 trees, packed lunch will be served, then plant the other 5 trees and head home to a somewhat greener Earth.

There will be 3-4 people who will be assigned to maintain and make sure that the trees we plant will grow and make it thru whatever weather comes our way for 3 whole years. This service is already included in the small fee of P750.00/person.

Here's a little bit more information about this project.

Tree Planting and Nurturing in the Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve (MFR)
in cooperation with Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems.

Generally, this project aims to reforest an open area in MFR
Specifically, it aims to:
1) Plant 1,000 indigenous seedlings in Year 2010;
2) Serve as a show window/demonstration area of a successful tree planting project;
3) Contribute in climate change mitigation; and
4) Improve the ecological balance and environmental condition of the area.

I do hope that you can help me make our air cleaner, because after all it is OUR planet.

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