I come from a very big family. Most of which are now children below 17. I am halfway done with my lifetime. And what I have to say here, I want my kids to remember and learn from.

Throughout my travels, I was lucky enough to enjoy what EARTH has to offer such as the beautiful beaches in the Philippines, the alps in Switzerland, the canyons of Arizona and many more.

What this blog is all about is how I want the EARTH to still be alive and beautiful for all children to see and enjoy.

Al Gore's The Inconvenient Truth has opened up many realizations about how our planet is slowly dying. Facts and figures, statistics and studies have shown the rapid and destructive effects of global warming.

After I watched the film and the live talk of Al Gore here in Manila, I didn't want to go home and still do nothing.

Here's a journal of what I and other people close to me are doing to stop Global Warming. Please feel free to share your story thru this blog site.

Be GREENified!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Candifier's Tree Planting Event!

I can't express enough how grateful I am to those who came and supported the event. It was such a success because all the volunteers enjoyed and felt a great sense of accomplishment that we were able to plant 1000 Narra seedlings.

Here are photos of the tremendous force behind this success and although it looks tedious and back breaking, all of them are excited for the future tree planting exercise.

First, Zarah and Joel showed us on how to plant the seedlings properly.

After which, it was easy as pie, even to kids as young as 5 years old. What a great experience for all of us.

These are the seedlings that need to be planted. All 1000 of them.
My troops head on up the hill to the site.
Bamboo sticks mark where the holes have been pre-dug for easier planting.
Checking out what needs to be done....
And off we go...

After sandwiches and drinks and sweet goodies from my sponsors, we head on back the uber comfortable bus. Did I tell you that JAC Liner has free wifi on board?? WOOHOO!!!

Heading towards the bus to go home.

A big hug to all of you.

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Joel said...

By not buying anything that I don't need. No more soda. Walking. Showering with many at that same time.